Jindabyne Roadtrip – 8/3/2015

Day 2

Route for Day 2

Couldn’t ask for better weather on the day of sightseeing. Blue skies, not too hot, not too cold. Just perfect. Had a not too early start of 9:30AM after a light breakfast.

Started the day with some open roads, in the valley of some farmlands.

Was not bothered about corner marking in the middle of a nowhere junction. Just got off and admired the view.


After this corner, I was on my way to catch up with the group. A small bunch of the group was stopped on what it looks like a viewing spot. Unfortunately LostWallet had blew his piston up and had to get it towed.
Picture Credits to ephphatha

After, we had lunch at Tumbarumba. (Best Steak and Kidney Pie!) and we were on our way.
Picture Credits to ephphatha

After a fair bit of tight twisting riverside roads where the light 250 really shined and enjoyed itself.
(Pic to be uploaded)

Then a rest stop on a lookout.




Picture Credits to ephphatha

After that section the road opened up and boy was it spectacular. Portions of open road, traffic was visible for way way ahead. No trees, no fences.
Majority of roads was just recently resurfaced and boy was the road sticky and smooth. It felt like I was on a racetrack.




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