CBR305R Bore Kit : Part 2

Putting it all back together

IMG_0308 IMG_0310 IMG_0313 IMG_0315  IMG_0319 IMG_0320IMG_0318 

Nice and simple, fitting everything back in, torquing all the bolts to specific values (borrowed the awesome torque wrench from work). Did have to take the head off and on around 3-4 times as I kept forgetting to route the chain guide under, or the bolt dropped down the chain guide thingy. Same for the camshaft, accidentally mixed up the intake and exhaust cams and only noticed that when I went on to turn the cylinder by hand (could have ended badly OOPS). :P  

Problems I Ran Into

  1. Crank rotation nut cap was damaged after I did my 1000km service from Peter Stevens. To get it out, had to drill that piece off. IMG_0278 IMG_0280IMG_0281
  2. Timing chain was kinked when I was about the put the bike back together. Took me a while to get that sorted out.
  3. Not understanding enough Japanese to read the instruction manual to set up the fuel controller. (took me 2 days and a heap of google translate)

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