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MV Agusta F3 2015


Jindabyne Roadtrip – 8/3/2015

Day 2

Route for Day 2

Couldn’t ask for better weather on the day of sightseeing. Blue skies, not too hot, not too cold. Just perfect. Had a not too early start of 9:30AM after a light breakfast.

Started the day with some open roads, in the valley of some farmlands.

Was not bothered about corner marking in the middle of a nowhere junction. Just got off and admired the view.

Jindabyne Roadtrip – 7/3/2015

Last weekend, I endured my most challenging ride so far. I have heard about the Jindabyne roads and the “high country” of Australia from other netrider members and wanted to go, after cjvfr began mentioning it for the labour day weekend in early November I immediately wanted to sign up. After a heartbreaking wait of 3 months, checking the maps/roads of the area, putting together a packing list.

Day 1

Day 1 Route here

It was time to set off on a cold saturday morning 8:15am, it rained the whole evening so the road were still damp. Me and Andy rode out towards St Andrews, Kinglake, Glenburn then onto Yea to meetup with the rest of the group. After getting a coffee, waited outside for the rest to arrive, a wasp decided to dive into the coffee before I had a sip :( . After everyone arrived and pleasantries have been exchanged, hello hello how are you. We set off to Mansfield for fuel. Then straight onto Beechworth for the next stop, of course via Whitfield (Voted best Combination of Corners on a Single Stretch of Road by Adrian).

Lunch, at the popular Beechworth Bakery.
Delicious steak pies, swatting wasps away and we were off. Some amazing longs sweepers along the way to Khankobhan, NSW and right away felt the inadequate power of the 250. I have never felt that issue before in VIC, but on the long trips I was struggling to keep up with the lead pace. Passing the NSW border (Murray River) a new world emerged where speeding does not feel like a felony. Police presence is maintain order, not impose fear. It was a great feeling, not checking the speedo every 5 seconds. After a splash and dash at Khancoban. We were on the Alpine way, 100km of twisty roads. Passing amazing changing scenery.

Starting with a valley hillside narrow twisty bit.

CBR305R Bore Kit : Final Touches

WP_20140826_17_34_43_Pro WP_20140826_17_34_55_Pro WP_20140826_17_35_04_Pro WP_20140826_17_35_21_Pro WP_20140826_17_35_30_Pro WP_20140826_17_35_44_Pro WP_20140826_17_35_53_Pro

A nice clean bike and a upgraded sticker to give the extra 10kw.

Currently, setting up the fuel controller to get the bike running properly. Had the bike running too rich initially, but slowing turning it back down to find the perfect mixture. Will report further.


CBR305R Bore Kit : Part 2

Putting it all back together

IMG_0308 IMG_0310 IMG_0313 IMG_0315  IMG_0319 IMG_0320IMG_0318 

Nice and simple, fitting everything back in, torquing all the bolts to specific values (borrowed the awesome torque wrench from work). Did have to take the head off and on around 3-4 times as I kept forgetting to route the chain guide under, or the bolt dropped down the chain guide thingy. Same for the camshaft, accidentally mixed up the intake and exhaust cams and only noticed that when I went on to turn the cylinder by hand (could have ended badly OOPS). :P  

Problems I Ran Into

  1. Crank rotation nut cap was damaged after I did my 1000km service from Peter Stevens. To get it out, had to drill that piece off. IMG_0278 IMG_0280IMG_0281
  2. Timing chain was kinked when I was about the put the bike back together. Took me a while to get that sorted out.
  3. Not understanding enough Japanese to read the instruction manual to set up the fuel controller. (took me 2 days and a heap of google translate)

CBR305R Bore Kit

Hello World. I would like to share my CBR305R build, firstly I would like to say. This was the most fun build/project as I have not done anything like this before. I thought a single cylinder with a small engine is a perfect starting point.

Starting Point
I can already hear you all typing or saying.

“Why not get a XXXcc with XXXhp from XXX bike”

. Some answers:

    I love my CBR, its not the quickest but I have had no issues with the bike from the day I picked it up (almost) new with 4kms on the clock, I know exactly what the past 14000km has done, every single fuel up (stored and logged), every service completed by myself. So buying a used bike will not happen.
    I have considered in the past on upgrading to a Daytona 675R (Dream Bike), after factoring the price of the bike and insurance, I figured its not worth it due to my financial status. (Insurance for me on the CBR is currently $480 a year whereas to insure the Daytona will cost me $2600 a year) Maybe down the road I will buy it, but not at the moment.
    Excessive speed and power never seem to appeal to me, in my mind. The quicker you go, the quicker shit happens. Yes its nice to have the power in reserve but I always prefer to ride a slow bike fast rather than a fast bike slow. Given the strict tolerance on speed here in Victoria, Id say only 15% of riding on a ride will have some over the speed limit fun. (Trying to keep a clean record here :) )

But wait, if you say speed never appealed to you why are you doing this modification?

    My reason was that the bike was great fun in the twisties. Just enough power to have fun yet forgiving if you made a mistake. But I have had situations where the lack of power has made several of my overtaking moves (unsafe in my book). Given that there are many roads in the country that has a speed limit of 100, and the top speed of the cbr was 157KPH indicated (130/140? Actual). Overtaking is difficult, some extra power will definitely solve this problem (still not justifiable to get a bigger bike)

The Modifications
What I have here is a Takegawa Bore Up Kit, it changes the engine piston and bore, up from a cast 76mm to a 84mm forged piston. Also increasing the compression ratio from 10.7:1 to 13:1. The kit I bought also comes with a sports camshaft as well as a fuel controller module. Being a japanese made product. Everything was so nicely packaged and protected for shipping.

IMG_0301 IMG_0302 IMG_0303 IMG_0304 IMG_0305

(More info on the product HERE)

The taking apart of the bike

IMG_0242 IMG_0246 IMG_0247 IMG_0255 IMG_0275

Taking apart the bike was the easy part, every bolt and nut removed was placed into a tray with a small post-it note of where it should go so I will not forget. I thought of doing this job with the engine in the bike. All was well until I realised the exhaust bolts was in the way of the frame. So the engine has to come out.

IMG_0289 IMG_0290 IMG_0292

A simple 4 bolts and the engine slides right out. (using a car jack underneath to the support the ~30kg engine).

Now that the engine was out, the cylinder and piston was removed

IMG_0296 IMG_0297 IMG_0295

Comparison with new vs old

IMG_0306 IMG_0307


Next up, installing the new cylinder.









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Learning the Clutch Bite Point

Today I took my not so little ceebee to westerfolds park and did some pratice with the clutch and balancing on the bike. At the end I found the bite point on the on the bike and was starting to slow ride properly without jumping around. only manage to stall it once. (forgot i was in gear and just dumped the clutch) hopefully a few more rides and I will be familiar with setting off a the traffic light smoothly and not fall behind too much.

First Ride with my CEEBEE

My First day riding my new Honda CBR250R. I took delivery from Peter Stevens from the City and rode it back home (Excellent Service BTW). Was quite happy and made it back home in one piece. Had some troubles finding 1st gear but still alright. (Mainly the problem of stalling at the lights in the video pt1, corner latrobe-victoria parade) read around the forums and found out I had to roll it slightly or release the clutch 1/3 to slot the gear and the clutch.